New Dreamer's Box collection available at new fantastic 6 Republic Event.
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New Butterfly Tera Set collection available at Shiny Shabby event.

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Direct Taxi to new 8f8 collection 'serene sanctuary' HERE


                 New 8f8 unexpected journey collection for TLC March 2015 avaialble HERE.

                      New Arcade March 2015 primavera in Toscana Collection available HERE.


L$ 50 Mesh Hat:                8f8 - Mystery Hats - 03 - SERENE (Gacha)
L$ 69 Mesh Scarf:             (MORAN) Winter muffler  - 12 (Gacha)
L$ 220 Mesh Coat:           ::K:: Military Pea Coat Homme White at TMD
L$ 150 Mesh Gloves:       ...Scars... Knit gloves 2 [Nordic WHT A / WHT]
L$ 100 Mesh Pants:           Apple May Designs - Nemesis Pants - White *for him*
L$ 90 Mesh Suspenders:   .Shi : Leather Suspenders (Unisex) {Brown} [Rigged Mesh] SALE for Group Members Until 21th Dec!
L$ 350 Mesh Suspenders: *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants White <Suspenders>
L$ 288 Mesh Shoe:            FLite.-First Winter Boots Snow at Collabor88
L$ 300 Mesh Boot:             *LPD* - *OldBoy* Unisex Boots White

Snow Day Bunnies and Winter Birdhouse Lanterns by +Half-Deer+
House, Candles and Path by anc Ltd.


New *** Rising Sun Delicates *** Gacha Collection for Xiasumi School Festival
startin 3rd November 2014.

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New 8f8 Collections: Cupcake Lights & Mange Destin available exclusively at CANDYFAIR!


L$ 150 Hat:                 *LODE* Headwear - Black Pitch at The Secret Affair
L$ 150 Eye patch:      .Shi : Patch Mechanics 2.Black [UNISEX] RARE
L$ 297 Necklace:        UNISEX[MANDALA]Sagarmatha_Necklace_Silver
L$ 230 Coat:              ::K:: Slim Coat Jacket Homme Black at Creation.jp
                                    (price is reduced for the duration of the event!)
L$ 225 Vest:              
.Shi : Zipper Vest [Homme . Black] at TMD
L$ 200 Pants:            ::K:: Slim Flare Pants Homme Black


Hair:                   *Dura-Boy*52(White)
Ears:                   UNISEX[MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver3
Necklace 1:        UNISEX[MANDALA]Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Silver
Necklace 2:        UNISEX[MANDALA]Sagarmatha_Necklace_Silver
Necklace 3:       :Fusion: Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set
Bracelet:            (MALE)[MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_SMEXY(Black)
Shirt:                ::K:: Pullover Shirts Black Homme/Femme(Fitted Mesh) at TMD
Decor:                {anc} comet. at Arcade


New 8f8 - Inside the Story available at the Where The Wild Things Are Event.

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New collections: Dreamer's Cloudland and Vintage Birds II available now at The Dreamers Factory event.

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L$ 250 Mesh hair:        ~Tableau Vivant~ Viking Hair - Winter at The Fantasy Collective
L$ 125 Eyes:                 [theSkinnery] Demon Eyes Set at We love Role-Play
L$ 897 Mesh Ears:       MALE[MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI
L$ 10 Face Tattoo:       {D.A} Leopard WarPaint
L$ 140 Facial Hair:      ~Tableau Vivant~ Facial hair 09 - Trident
L$ 200 Beard:              -Labyrinth-Diego Beard (Tintable)
L$ 100 Necklace:         *LODE* Accessory - Viking Necklace [gold] at The Fantasy Collective
L$ 150 Mesh Bird:       +Half-Deer+ Tropical Birds - Scarlet Macaw at Liaison Collaborative
L$ 150 Mesh Bird:       +Half-Deer+ Tropical Birds - Toucan
L$ 99 Plants:                Botanical - Blooming Taro Set -C/M at Summerfest
L$ 220 Plants:              8f8 - Bali BAMBOO Set at Liaison Collaborative


New 8f8 DRIFTWOOD Collection available HERE.


L$ 100: Head Accessories:  *LODE* Headwear - My Red Poppy
L$ 120 Hat and Hair:            ::C'est la vie !:: x GLOW ::porkpie hat (Light Blonde) @ NEW
L$ 0 Towel:                           FATEwear Towel - Nicholas - Gift
L$ 50 Backpack:                   *BOOM* My Best Friend Backpack - PANDA - tiffany RARE at Arcade Gacha Event @ NEW
L$ 46 Foats:                          Grumble Kids- Swim Floaties Arm Floats
L$ 75 Tube:                           VCO - Happy summer picnic ( Tube - Ribbon) <Bag> at Arcade Gacha Event @ NEW
L$ 0 Bracelet:                        RONSEM* Rubber Bangle (group gift)
L$ 25 Bracelet:                     *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (Baby Blue) LFT past Arcade Gacha Event
L$ 150 Mesh Pants:             ::K:: Resort Pant Navy at TMD @ NEW
L$ 1 Fins:                              Space Bums - Scuba Gear (Unisex)
L$ 65 "monsters":               .::C.C. Kre-ations::. - {Lovely Sumomos}/each at Funny Puppet Fair @ NEW


L$ 99 Mesh Cap:         [SISU] M44- Grey Crusher Cap
L$ 220 Mesh Mask:     TURB - Blind Sniper Mask Black
L$ 1 Mesh Scarf:         Smart or Not Scarf with HUD
L$ 350 Mesh Jacket:    / XIAJ / Brooklyn Bomber jacket part of Brooklyn Full Outfit at MWFW
L$ 125 Chest Strap:    +pe+ Anti Zombie Chest Strap-death
L$ 75 Mesh Harness:   DPD - Weapons Harness IV - Advanced Neutral past Fantasy gacha
L$ 350 Mesh Pants:     MESH Vespers Harem Male Pants * Rigged (HUD Driven) *DreamLife - FashionNatic*
L$ 0 Mesh Boots:      :::B:::leather wing boots(GG) (mod)
L$ 0 Bird:                     Thor's Oak Peace Dove


L$ 300 Mesh Horns:      {Aoi Hime} horns .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. at Past Monochromatic Fair
L$ 150 Mehs Hood:       Renegade. Bacalava - Black at past Kustom9
L$ 230 Mesh Tank:      ::K:: My Daily Tank Top
L$ 350 Mesh Sleeves:  / XIAJ / Bronx Asymmetric Sleeves part of / XIAJ / Bronx (full outfit) at MWFW
L$ 200 Mesh Claws:     + Corruption Claws B&W
L$ 180 Mesh Pants:     ::K:: Cargo Shorts Black at TMD
L$ 250 Mesh Tail:         {Yummy Risu~ Smurf} Tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:..
L$ 120 Mesh Feet:        [europa] Khor feet (ivory)


L$ 250 Mesh Headphones:     RO - Super Bass RAB 8 - Black at Fameshed
L$ 250 Mesh Hair and Hat:     little bones. Blue Monday - B&W
L$ 100 Mesh Goggles:            [ContraptioN] Maskineri Eye *industrial* at Limited Bazaar
L$ 300 Make-up:                   +Nuuna+ makeups v12 male
L$ 297 Mesh Necklace:          UNISEX[MANDALA]Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Silver
L$ 297 Mesh Necklace:          UNISEX[MANDALA]Sagarmatha_Necklace_Gold
L$ 190 Mesh Gloves:             O.M.E.N x [ dynasty ] - Black Cruising Gloves at TMD
L$ 295 mesh Bracelet:          :Fusion: Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set
L$ 299 Mesh Sweater:           JuSt CoOl] Wool Sweater - Black
L$ 425 Mesh Pants:               [JuSt CoOl] Oh Yea Baby - Grey
L$ 40 Mesh Wallet:                / XIAJ / Roy Wallets Black Rare at TCF (gacha)
L$ 350 Mesh Bag:                =Zenith=Black Leather waist Bag
L$ 100 Mesh Socks:              Intrigue Co. - Novelty Toe Socks: Piano